We provide the following services with a competitive rate matching program.

  • Tailored and workable solutions for the following situations Domestic (Canadian) Truckload & LTL
  • Cross Border (USA) Truckload & LTL
  • Expedited Emergency Service
  • Specialized Equipment


We’ve contributed to the success of many small and large corporations and are active members of the NTBA (National Transportation Brokers Association), The Toronto Board of Trade & the Better Business Bureau. Our carrier division features C-TPAT certification and F.A.S.T. certified drivers.

Third-Party Carrier Base

Working with an exclusive group of carriers in compliance with all regulations, including current operating authorities, liability insurance, cargo insurance (min. $100,000), workplace safety clearance certificate and most importantly, a reliable service record. We guarantee performance and 100% satisfaction.

Rate Matching Program

If you love the rate you’re currently getting from another transport supplier but are unhappy with the level of service, try our rate matching program. We and our suppliers always look to increase market share, understanding the competitive market and constant rate adjustments. If our rate is greater then you’re currently paying we will gladly review and try to reduce the rates. Rate matching is our way of staying current and competitive!